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Resolute 360 is a consulting company that offers training platforms for medical entities and physicians. Our quality training also addresses the patient-centric focus from a mind, body, and spirit perspective.

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What is RESOLUTE 360?

With our tailored consulting techniques, Resolute 360 allows for the patient-centric focus to bridge the communication gap between medical entities and physicians in an endeavor to provide better objective success, by affording patients more options for treatment and physicians a more efficient way to deliver those treatments.


Patient Centric

Resolute 360 allows for a patient-centric focus from the mind, body, and spirit standpoint of the patient.


360 Approach

This is our informed and holistic view detailing the entire customer journey designed to move the process along as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure patients receive the treatments they need to restore quality of life



We are adamant and steadfast and we wholeheartedly believe this area is in need of a quality training program to maximize the relationship between medical entities and physicians so that patients can receive care in the most efficient and highest quality possible.


Patented Implant Technique

Developed by Dr. Crites-Bachert, her Sacral Neuromodulation Implants make trials and permanent implant procedures more successful.


Quality Training

We provide comprehensive and quality training to medical entities to help facilitate effective communication with physician partners that can also be accomplished nearly completely electronically. Our proprietary electronic process allows for a more efficient process to get patients the care they need in a timely fashion.


The MyGO 360 App

Provides physicians and patients with the ability to track outcomes and progress electronically in real-time while also providing patients with the ability to utilize holistic approaches to aid in the symptom control process and keep patients engaged in their treatment.

There's More!

We also have our now trademarked 3x3 Approach ™ to the traditional Urinary and Fecal incontinence Algorithm that helps practitioners move patients through the treatment algorithm more efficiently and allows patients to achieve symptom control in fewer appointments. This is coupled with the MyGO 360 App to streamline patient appointments and aid in more efficient physician use of telehealth visits.

We have many other trademarked App platforms for monitoring common health conditions such as Glycemic control, heart conditions, chronic pain, and neurological symptoms associated with conditions of the brain that not only maximize patient engagement in their care and monitoring of patient symptoms in real-time, but also helps to maximize physician use of telehealth visits.

MyGO 360 App Features

Explore the features of an app that addresses the patient-centric focus from a mind, body, and spirit perspective.

Personal Diary

Keeps track of daily activities, health concerns and habits to review and monitor for patient success.

Secure Information

Medical and personal information is secure. We follow strict HIPPA compliant guidelines to keep patient information safe.

Easy To Use

Following and maintaining a treatment plan has never been easier. This is also true for both patient and physician.

Multiple Viewing Options

The MyGO 360 App has two different interfaces to make treatment plans even easier to maintain.

Direct Communication

Both physicians and patients have quick access to account information for a greater streamlined treatment plan.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

Physicians can view and print a patient's daily journal entries to better understand progress and adapt accordingly.

Resolute 360 Beginning

Since 2005, Dr. Melanie Crites-Bachert has worked with healthcare corporations and discovered the need for quality training was necessary for patient progress and success. Previously, she found that representatives of device companies presented a “script” of why physicians should use the company’s product, but failed to offer further instruction on how to present this information to patients. While implementing these products into her practice, Dr. Crites-Bachert devoted energy to providing patients with education related to product function, its design to treat patient conditions, and the navigation of insurance companies.

Determined to increase efficiency, Dr. Crites-Bachert developed a way of presenting alternative treatment options to patients along with training for other physicians to do the same. This led to more efficient ways to get patients the care they needed while also developing and implementing an electronic pathway to get patients the needed treatments to restore quality of life. Not only has this process worked well, but it has paved the way for other physicians to streamline their practice.

This methodology is the catalyst that led to Resolute 360, a way to bridge the gap between medical entities, physicians, and patients while helping to improve the patient experience. In a commitment to further engage with patients, Dr. Crites-Bachert created the MyGO 360 APP. Not just a tool to track patient progress, MyGO 360, along with our other products and training becomes a full 360 approach to address the mind and spirit components that patients can use to help regulate symptoms and maximize outcomes.

Our Colors & Why We Use Them



The color of Steadfastness, Loyalty, Solidarity, and Dependability. Our company is committed and steadfast in providing the highest quality, built on the foundation of steadfast leadership, dependability, and a commitment to giving our clients a complete 360 approach.



The color of Tranquility and Elevated awareness of the universe. We want to provide our clients with the ability to achieve a higher awareness of themselves and those around them to be more effective at achieving tranquility, especially when focusing on patient outcomes.


Gray & Silver

Supporting colors that provide cohesiveness, which is our commitment to this company. Silver also has a reflective characteristic. We feel reflection is important for growth and continues to refine what we must do to provide the highest-quality version of ourselves.


Melanie Crites-Bachert

Founder & CEO

Behind the Name

Dr. Melanie Crites-Bachert received her medical degree from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2003 and completed her residency in Urologic Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She received two years of fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic Florida to sub-specialize in Female Pelvic Medicine, Voiding Dysfunction and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Crites-Bachert is an innovator and entrepreneur. She is board certified by the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and was named Oregon’s Premiere implanter of Interstim - a therapy for urinary incontinence. Dr. Crites-Bachert was also named one of Portland’s Top Docs for years 2019 and 2020 and is actively involved in research with multiple publications.

Dr. Crites-Bachert also publishes a video series titled “360 Pelvic Health with Dr. Crites-Bachert” which focuses on topics related to urology and pelvic health care. This free video series can be found on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, on her website and through RSS feed.


Benefits of the MyGO 360 APP

Resolute 360 offers patients and physicians a way to help regulate symptoms and maximize outcomes. Enjoy the benefits of a simplified treatment plan with trackable results by getting the MyGO 360 today.

  • Easy to Use.
  • Trackable Results.
  • Patient control over health.
  • Quicker Physician Feedback.

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MyGO Time, the lite version of the MyGO 360 App, has been released on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and is now available on Google Play.


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